Sealitup Heavy Duty Tire Sealant

The all purpose and most economical tire sealant.

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Delta First was first started in 1976 in New England.  In our earliest days, we actually were small enough that we went around and not only sold tire sealant, we offered installation services to local golf courses and the like.  We relocated to Tampa, Florida, way back in the late 80’s.  The ownership at that time was only interested in being a small specialty company, so Delta First built a loyal local following in the Florida market, and limited its operations.

In 2001, Delta First was sold to new management, and they brought in a totally different approach to doing business.  With life-long experience in the tire industry and the corporate world, the new ownership understood what most businesses were looking for from a supplier.  With a focus on building long term relationships and developing their business for long term success, rather than any short term opportunities, Delta First has now begun to emerge as a hungry young competitor in this industry niche.

Facilities were upgraded with a move to Atlanta in 2002.  Focus was on reliable customer service and on-time shipments.  Formulae were reviewed and analyzed, both with outside labs and in working with key customers.  Virtually every formula has been improved, in many cases dramatically so.  Relationships were built with customers, with key members of the Delta First staff often visiting with our customers over the years to insure we understood their needs and business issues.

Delta First began to focus on offering a quality product, with excellent customer service, for a competitive price.  We have used this same approach in our purchasing and have established long term relationships with our chemical suppliers, so that when tightness occurs in the marketplace, we are assured a supply of key chemicals.

We have developed our capabilties to include EDI (electronic data interface) with key customers, and the ability to provide product with customer codes bar coded on the container (as well as the carton if desired).  In addition, we have been called on by customers to work on specific problem in their businesses, and have successfully developed solutions for those problems.

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