Sealitup Heavy Duty Tire Sealant

The all purpose and most economical tire sealant.

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Pre-Mixed Tire Paint

Re-treaded tires not only have to perform like new tires, they have to look like new tires and the only way to accomplish that is to paint them with a special tire paint. Delta First has a specially formulated paint that provides maximum coverage easily and economically. The Black-Satin finish of the paint gives a lustrous look and makes re-treaded tires look like new. It's water-based and totally non-hazardous. The greatest features of the tire paint are that it sprays on quickly, easily, and uniformly, without ugly drip marks, and will last a long time by withstanding rain, water and wear.

Available in 55 gallon drums the black tire paint is best applied using a spraying system. This provides maximum coverage and allows painting of more tires per gallon which makes the application cost per tire lower than any competitive brand. Since the paint contains special suspension agents it will last longer in the drum without having to re-mix it or worry about settling like standard paints. There are no hazardous materials or solvents in the paint, so clean-up is easily done with soap and water.

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Tire Paint Concentrate

The Delta First Tire Paint Concentrate is essentially like the "Pre-Mixed Tire Paint", just concentrated! It's designed to be mixed at a tire center or re-tread plant in a 1 to 1 ratio. (One part water is added to one part concentrate.) While the proper mixing allows maximum coverage the concentrate also allows flexibility for different mixing needs. Some shops want a thinner paint since coverage may not be as critical as in other shops. Other shops need a thicker paint to cover severe chalk or crayon marks. Regardless of the ratio it can be applied with a spray system, brush, sponge or mitt. Just like the pre-mix, the paint goes on quickly, easily, and uniformly, without ugly drip marks, and will last a long time while withstanding rain, water and wear.

Standard packaging is in 6 gallon buckets. There are no hazardous materials and the tire paint concentrate is easily cleaned up with soap and water.

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Spray System Supplies

There's no getting around the fact that sprayed on paint will float in the air and settle wherever it wants! And when it dries and cakes up badly it makes equipment non-functional. Delta First supplies 3 products to keep your spray equipment operating efficiently and economically.

Eco K-Leen

A proprietary product developed by the researchers at Delta First, Eco K-Leen is designed to keep your spray equipment looking and operating like new! Simply spray a thin film of Eco K-Leen on the equipment before beginning the day's work. At the end of the day rinse or wipe the equipment off and it cleans up easily and perfectly. Eco K-Leen puts a protective coating on the equipment, won't allow paint to dry, is completely environmentally friendly. Use it on the spray gun, hoses, equipment, and any other non-porous surface where you don't want dried paint.

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Line Cleaner

This environmentally friendly cleaner keeps your intake line and internal spray gun parts clean and free of paint. Use it as a final rinse at the end of the day to add life to the line and gun and keep them in good operating order.

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Gun Lube

A few drops of gun lube on your spray gun will keep the moving parts lubricated and keep paint from drying and freezing the movement.

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