Sealitup Heavy Duty

The all purpose and most economical tire sealant. Design for use in slow-moving vehicles prone to rugged environments.

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Video Demonstration of SealitUp Heavy Duty Tire Sealant (Full-Size Video)

All Delta First products...

Tires are the third most expensive product in the trucking, construction, and OTR industries with only labor and fuel costs ranking higher. Whether you use large quantities of $300 tires or only a few tires that cost $100,000, everything that can be done to extend their life is important. Coolants, lubricants, balancing agents and tire sealants can all help to add 10 - 20% to the life of a tire, and the cost of these products is small compared to the return on their investment.

Every product made at Delta First for the tire industry is designed to extend the life of tires and wheels. Wheel Saver® lubricants and coolants keep giant tires running cooler and make dismounting easy. Liquid Tire Balance® acts as both a balancing agent and coolant. The Sealitup® line of tire sealants will prevent flats and downtime.

Delta First products are retread-safe. That is, there are no components that can cause a chamber fire and the lubrication that makes for easier dismounting helps preserve the casings for retreading.

... Rust Prevention, Protection From Corrosion, Lubrication, and Extending Tire Life

... have a common thread ...

Rust and Corrosion Prevention

Coolants, lubricants, and tire sealants from Delta First all contain a special formulation of corrosion and rust inhibitors that will keep wheels protected and clean. Whether the wheels are steel or aluminum they'll stay clean and corrosion free for the life of the lubricant.

Contact Rust Inhibitor

As the liquid moves around while the tire is in motion it's coming into contact with all parts of the wheel as well as the tire. The corrosion and rust inhibitors will coat the surface and preserve and protect the wheel and tire.

Vapor Phase Rust Inhibitor

Even if the tire is not in motion the liquids release molecules of the inhibitors and will prevent rust and corrosion.

All liquids from Delta First are tested at an independent laboratory under high heat and pressure to simulate about 12 months in a tire that's constantly in use. Nothing is sold unless it passes the stringent testing requirements of protecting wheels and tires at 100 psi and 100° Celsius (212° F).

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